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Police sort out dustup after close Margaretta-Bellevue game

Sandusky Register Staff • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

“There was a little bit of physical contact, but nobody was injured,” Castalia police Chief Ken Majoy said. “It was a lot of inappropriate conduct.”

A group of people squared off inside Margaretta High School’s gym at about 9 p.m., after the basketball game ended. Majoy wouldn’t say how many people were involved, nor would he say if the culprits were students or adults.

“It was a close game,” Majoy said. “Afterward it got a little heated.”  

The police report on the incident is one sentence and contains no names, and it only notes the incident is under investigation, Majoy said. He plans to give his findings to the prosecutor’s office to decide on charges.   

Majoy agreed the incident report is a public record, but he said he’d prefer to hang onto it until the investigation is complete. He said he might fax a copy of the report to the Register, but he couldn’t guarantee anything. As of late Monday he had not faxed a copy of the report.  


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