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Three arrested in Perkins Township bar fight

Emil Whitis • Jan 31, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Ty Ransom, 40, Dawn Griggs, 45, and Charles Griggs, 40, all of Monroeville, were charged with disorderly conduct. Ransom was also charged with resisting arrest.

The drama started at about 10:30 p.m. when Charles got into an argument with another man over a mutual friend's divorce.

Witnesses said bouncers pushed Charles out the door after he threw several beer bottles.

But Charles surged back inside and threw a beer at a woman, a Perkins police report said.

When the woman flipped Charles off Dawn went after her. The woman's family swarmed in.

Several men jumped on Charles and threw him to the ground. Several witnesses saw the woman's father beating Charles in the head with a pool stick.

"I asked (a witness) if anyone was hitting (Charles) with a pool stick and he stated 'yes,'" a report said. "(The witness) advised it looked like the person was using the pool stick like a hammer."

When police showed up they spotted Charles, Ransom and Dawn standing in the parking lot.

"I observed (Charles) was bleeding from a cut on his head, left eyebrow and a cut on his ear," a report said. "He said a female attacked his wife and while trying to get the female off his wife the other female's father struck him several times in the head with a pool stick."

Officers also noticed Dawn's face was slightly swollen.

Police then headed inside to investigate. When officers came back outside Charles didn't like what they had to say.

"I advised him that everyone we had spoke to stated that he was the one who started everything and was the main problem," a Perkins police report said. "Mr. Griggs advised this was 'bull(expletive)" and (the woman's father) should be arrested as well for striking him with a pool stick."

Instead, police booked the trio into the Erie County jail.

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