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Half of Sandusky city workers lack recent evaluations

Andy Ouriel • Jan 31, 2013 at 2:20 PM

More than half of the city's 200-person workforce hasn't received a recent job evaluation, according to an inter-office memo the Register obtained.

While the seven city commissioners haven't said if city manager Nicole Ard will undergo a review anytime soon, they have collectively agreed to assess the city's other charter officers: clerk Kelly Kresser; law director Don Icsman; and finance director Hank Solowiej.

As for the commission's failure to conduct evaluations, commissioner Julie Farrar pointed out she and her colleagues have been busy this past year or so. In an email to the Register, Farrar stated: "I believe with the death of Officer (Andrew) Dunn in 2011 and 5 murders in 2012; the commission as a whole (prior commission and present) were just taken a back. 'Our mistake'"

There were actually seven murders in 2012.

A list of employees and their most recent evaluations is below.

For information on how the county handles employee evaluations, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.

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