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Dogs available for adoption

Tom Jackson • Jan 18, 2013 at 4:42 PM

• BRISTOL — 1-year-old female Labrador mix. She is full of energy and very sweet. She does great on a leash and likes to be around people. Bristol also does great around other dogs and cats.

• KASEY — 6-month-old female Schnauzer mix. She is a big cuddle-bug and loves to be around people; she also likes cats and other dogs. Kasey is a pup and will require training and lots of attention.

• POLLY — 2-year-old house broken, crate trained female Boxer/Pitbull mix. She is very sweet and likes to go for walks on leashes and play with toes. Polly is a special needs pup as she is deaf and requires just a little more attention. She will need a fenced-in yard to keep her safe as she would have the potential to wander around. Polly is available now  


• ALFRED — 5-month-old male Pitbull Terrier mix (not housebroken). He is very sweet and loves cuddles. Alfred does not know how to walk on a leash and will need to be trained to adjust to walking on a leash. Alfred is available now (names of potential adopters will be taken first.)


• KING — 1-year-old housebroken male Pitbull Terrier mix. He is very energetic and would require a fenced in yard and someone who is very active. We are currently taking applications.


• PIPPA- 3-year-old female housebroken Boxer/Pit bull mix. Pippa is hearing impaired and needs you to speak to her directly. She will also require a fenced-in yard because she is unable to hear and could wander off.


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