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Sandusky police respond to shooting

Sandusky Register Staff • Jan 17, 2013 at 7:11 PM

Sandusky police responded to a counseling center at Hayes Avenue and Pierce Street on Wednesday night for a shooting incident.

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One person was seen being loaded onto a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. Police are taping off a section of parking lot near a gray sedan parked near the center.

(Updated 6:56 p.m.) Police believe the initial shooting occurred in the 500 block of West Perkins Avenue and the victim somehow made it to Hayes Avenue and Pierce Street. The gray sedan is a Mercury Grand Marquis. Police removed a German shepherd from the vehicle.

The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds, police say. His condition and identity remain unknown.

(Updated 7:25 p.m.) Police are looking for two suspects believed to be involved in the shooting, a woman, Katie Wilson, and an unidentified light-skinned black man who is the suspected shooter. They are driving a red Chevy Monte Carlo.

Police said the man is armed with a revolver and should be considered dangerous. 

Anyone who sees the vehicle or suspects should not approach them and should call 911 or Sandusky police (419-627-5863) immediately.

(Updated 7:38 p.m.) Police say the victim — still unidentified — suffered at minimum a gunshot wound to the chest. He is being transported by medical helicopter to a hospital in Toledo.

(Updated 7:46 p.m.) Police now say they're also searching for a black Cadillac that may be involved.

(Updated 8:09 p.m.) Police say the Grand Marquis belonged to the victim. Officers found evidence of a shot fired into the vehicle.

(Updated 8:51 p.m.) Police say the victim suffered three gunshot wounds, at least one to the chest. His condition is still unknown. Police believe the victim was shot while in a bay of the self-service car wash between Grant Street and West Perkins Avenue in the 500 block of Perkins Avenue behind the closed Big O's bar.

(Updated 12:20 a.m.) The shooting victim is Bartt Carruthers, 49, of Sandusky. He is at a Toledo hospital, but his medical condition is not immediately available. Police have also arrested Katie Wilson, 25, of Sandusky. She was arrested on a warrant, as were two other people — Theresa Purcell, 26, of Sandusky, and Desmond Scott, 43, of Sandusky. The suspected shooter remains at large, Sandusky police detectives said.

Wilson told police she does not know the shooter's identity. Detectives said the shooting is likely the result of a drug deal gone bad.     

(Updated 10:50 a.m.) Police said the suspected shooter has still not been captured. Officers are speaking with witnesses this morning to obtain additional information. Bartt Carruthers, who is at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, is alive but his condition remains unknown.

(Updated 2:51 p.m.) Police say the shooting victim, Bartt Carruthers, is recovering at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. He has been stabilized and police investigators are on their way to the hospital to talk to him about Wednesday night's shooting.

Police are still looking for a red Monte Carlo in connection with the incident. Police say they have a "person of interest" and are actively looking for him, though they declined to provide more information about the person's identity.

Police are also interviewing Katie Wilson, who was arrested on unrelated warrants Wednesday night after the incident. Police say she has not provided information about the suspected shooter.

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