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Willard 'pedophile' sentenced for attempted kidnapping

Jessica Cuffman • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Robert Streit, 32, admitted he is a pedophile and claimed self-loathing in a letter he wrote to the court for his sentencing hearing.

But his plea for leniency wasn't enough for Huron County Common Pleas Court Judge James Conway, who mostly accepted the prosecutor's impassioned plea for a serious sentence.

Huron County prosecutor Russ Leffler said he recommended the maximum of 14 years because Streit's kidnapping attempt was the worst form of the offense.

"He didn't have prior records. He was a veteran. I don't know why we didn't get the max, but we came close," Leffler said. "He was armed, but he was going into a home to grab a child. I can't imagine a worse burglary. This isn't your coin collection."

Streit entered a West Pearl Street home in Willard on Sept. 1 while the girl and her family were sleeping. The girl awoke to find Streit running his finger across her forehead, according to a police report.

Streit then picked up the girl and carried her to the back door of the house.

"Luckily the girl had her wits about her and asked to get her shoes," Leffler said.

When Streit let her go, she went and woke up her brother, who roused her father.

Streit took off running and the girl's father chased after him. Willard police soon caught him and arrested him.

In January 2012, Willard police raided Streit's home after the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force flagged excessive downloading of child pornography at his IP address.

When Streit tried to kidnap the 12-year-old, police were still waiting on his computers to be analyzed.

In Streit's letter, he claimed he was drunk the night he tried to kidnap the girl. Otherwise, he would have resisted his impulses, he said.

"Just because he had some awareness, if he can't control his behavior, what good does that do the rest of us?" Leffler said.

In November, Streit pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping, burglary, and two counts pandering obscenity involving a minor. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors dismissed two additional pandering charges.

Huron County public defender David Longo did not return calls seeking comment.

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