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Bredbeck had passion for teaching

Emil Whitis • Dec 26, 2012 at 3:26 PM

Peggy Bredbeck, 64, a teacher and role model for untold generations of youngsters, died of a heart attack Friday at Magruder Hospital. 


She taught elementary school for 30 years, and also served several terms as a school board member. 


For Bredbeck, teaching wasn’t about the paycheck. It was her life. 


“Teaching was her absolute love,” said John Bredbeck, her husband. “It was family first, but teaching was right behind.” 


While other teachers took vacations during the summer, Bredbeck poured through children’s literature in her basement den, searching for books that would challenge her students at all reading levels. 


“She would read hundreds of kids books during the summer,” John said. “It was a full-time, year-round job for her.” 


Of course, she did her own reading, too. Her favorites were mystery novels or anything by James Patterson. 


After her first child came along, she decided to devote her full attention to raising the children. But her passion for education couldn’t be stifled. She ran for a spot on the board of education, and she won. 


Read more about Peggy Bredbeck in today's Register or epaper.

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