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It's Your Journey fills New Age void

Melissa Topey • Dec 21, 2012 at 3:30 PM

It’s Your Journey, in Huron, teaches New Age spiritual sciences, including energy healing and use of herbs and crystals — all to help put the body right. The shop also hosts area psychics and mediums.

“We call it It’s Your Journey because we’re supportive of the journey you’re on,” said Travis Sanders, the store’s manager.

Owner Nancy Ritz, who opened the shop Oct. 6, had previously operated entirely online. With the closing of Midnight Moon, however, the opportunity was ripe for a physical store.

Stones and essential oils are among the big sellers, Sanders said.

Suffer from headaches? Rub some of the store’s peppermint oil on your temple.

Digestive ailments? Try rubbing DigestZen oil on your abdomen.

The store also use “energy direction” to help clients combat pain, Sanders said.

“We have different points on the body. Tapping a point on the body can reprogram what happens,” Sanders said.

Vermilion resident Michelle Elder stopped by the shop Wednesday afternoon to buy her mother a gift certificate for a psychic reading.

She was looking at buying a stone “intention pendant” for herself. She said she’s owned several, and they work.

If a customer is searching for something in life, they can select a certain pendant that contains specific stones. Each stone is said to carry different energy properties.

“I’ve given several away,” Elder said. “Someone is down, I say, ‘You need this more than I do.’”

Elder said she’s pleased It’s Your Journey now has a store she can visit.

“This is the only shop in the area for this,” she said.

It’s Your Journey is meeting a need, Sanders said, and the store might even expand, using the space next door for fairs and classes.

In fact, Sanders plans to teach a class in February: “Expanding intuition.”

He’ll definitely need that space.

It’s Your Journey

WHAT: Metaphysical shop selling crystals, herbs, oils and items to promote healing. Also hosts psychics and mediums.

WHERE: 4750 Cleveland Road E., Huron, near Angry Bull Steakhouse

HOURS: Noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday

MORe: Call 419-433-0888 to go to www.itsyourjourney.com

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