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Sandusky family's rumble results in arrests

Emil Whitis • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Brody Corrick, 19, Lee Corrick, 21, Karl Corrick, 24, and Richard Corrick, 54, were all charged with disorderly conduct intoxicated. Karl was

also charged with two counts of felony domestic violence, while Brody was also charged with underage consumption.

Police responded to the area at about 10 p.m., when a caller said a father and son were running north on Wayne Street toward East Monroe Street, a police report said. When officers pulled up to the family’s home in the 800 block of Wayne St., they spotted all four men.

Brody was “bleeding profusely” from a cut to his pinkie finger, Karl was covered in blood, Richard had scrapes on his cheek and neck and there was an arrest warrant out for Karl on a domestic violence case, the report said.

“Richard said he and his sons had been drinking most of the night,” the report said. “Richard advised Karl was becoming very angry with everyone because he could not leave the house, due to the warrant.”

Lee told police that sometime during the festivities, Karl started “bullying” everyone in an obvious attempt to fight. Richard then called Lee outside for a chat, and while they were talking they heard a crash inside. They went in to find Brody lying on a broken glass table and Karl in a rage, the report said.

“There were several other pieces of furniture broken and turned over,” the report said. “Karl wanted to fight everyone in the house, so Lee took Brody outside.”

Karl later burst out of the house and went after his two brothers, and when the father stepped in Karl snatched him up by the throat and punched him, the report said.  When Lee called police, Karl took off running and Richard gave chase.

Late Wednesday, Karl was in the Erie County jail on $1,370 bond.

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