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Suspect held in stabbing death

Tom Jackson • Dec 16, 2012 at 5:34 AM

An 18-year-old Sandusky man is being held in Erie County Jail as a suspect in the stabbing death of a 24-year-old Sandusky man he referred to as his uncle.

Jared Rhodes, 24, Sandusky, suffered three stab wounds during a fight that took place at about 3 a.m. in a home at 1308 Clinton Street, police said. He was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center but died at 2 p.m.

The suspect, Tre'Vonte Adcock, known as "Tre," 18, 2000 block of Camp St., was arrested at the scene for "misconduct at an emergency" when he interfered with officers, police said. He was identified as a suspect after police interviewed witnesses.

Police have recovered the knife which they believe was used in the stabbing, Detective Sgt. Dana Newell said.

"The knife was found at the scene," Newell said.

A police report lists a silver butterfly knife being found at the house.

Police believe the stabbing was the result of a dispute between the two men that rapidly escalated, Newell said.

"It was an argument. I don't want to say what it was about," Newell said.

The disagreement turned into a physical altercation and then a knife became involved, he said.

Police have been in touch with Prosecutor Kevin Baxter and believe they have a "solid" case to present to Baxter when they meet with him Monday, said Det. Gary Wichman, the lead investigator in the case. Detectives Lester Peters and Dave West also assisted in the investigation.

Despite his youth, police are familiar with Adcock, who has a criminal record, Newell said.

Adcock referred to Rhodes as his uncle, Newell said.

Bobby Rhodes, Jared Rhodes' father, said Jared was the youngest of his five children and said Adcock is his nephew.

Newell said Rhodes was stabbed three times but did not identify where the wounds were.

A police report filed by Sgt. Eric Graybill says that police were dispatched at 3:03 a.m. to 1308 Clinton St. for a person who was bleeding. As they went to the scene, dispatchers told the officers that someone had been stabbed.

Police were met at the front door by Anita Yado. The officers found Herlandes Delph, Tyran Sullivan and Adcock standing over Rhodes, who was on the kitchen floor, bleeding profusely. 

Police said Adcock was shouting at Rhodes and trying to pick him up. The police said they tried to ask what had happened, but no one would tell them. As the officers tried to help Rhodes and see what his injuries where, Adcock interfered with them and yelled profanities at them, the report states.

The fire department arrived and began to treat Rhodes. Police arrested Adcock, who was placed in a police car and eventually sprayed with pepper spray after he kicked the interior of the car and was warned to stop, the report said.

Referring to Adcock, Newell said, "By his own admission, he was consuming alcohol."

Bobby Rhodes, interviewed at the front door of the Clinton Street house as Christmas lights twinkled on the front of the porch, described his son as the youngest of five children and said he was  student at BGSU Firelands.

He described his son as "a jolly guy, a jolly person. He liked to laugh and make people laugh."

Bobby Rhodes said he was concerned that the police did not take his son's wounds seriously enough and did not get him to treatment in time. But he said he was not present in the house when the incident took place and said he lives elsewhere in Sandusky.

The police report listed an address for Jared Rhodes that's on the 200 block of Lawrence St..

A woman at the listed address, however, said she did not know who Rhodes is.

Newell said he's pleased with the patrol officers who responded to the scene when the stabbing was called in. They secured the area and made sure that evidence would not be tampered with, Newell said.

"That's always a key," he said. "The patrol division did an excellent job."

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