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Perkins closing the door on many open enrollment requests

Tom Jackson • Dec 8, 2012 at 9:22 AM

Open enrollment, a program that Superintendent Jim Gunner launched after taking over as superintendent in May 2008, currently takes up about 525 slots in the school system.

That’s most of the available places, and there are 80 students on a waiting list, Gunner said.

“We have very little space. We are full at most grade levels,” Gunner said.

There were 50 students on the waiting list last year, he said. Because a waiting list has developed, families moving to Erie County are advised that the only way to guarantee admission of their children to the Perkins Schools is by living in the school district.


For more on open enrollment at Perkins schools and how it has changed the district's finances, pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.

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