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Troopers bust man with 186 lbs. of pot on Ohio Turnpike

Emil Whitis • Nov 8, 2012 at 5:16 AM

Christopher Glisson, 33, of Santa Rosa, Calif., was charged with felony possession of marijuana and aggravated trafficking in marijuana.

Troopers stopped Glisson's 2007 Chevy Express van at about noon, after spotting it  tailgating a pickup in the eastbound lane.

When Trooper Chris Beyer walked up to the vehicle, Glisson had a story ready, troopers said.  

“He said he was going to the East Coast to help with hurricane relief,” Beyer said. “He couldn’t tell me anything about what he was going to do when he got there.”

Suspicious, Beyer led police dog Rio to the van to sniff things out. The dog immediately indicated there were drugs in the vehicle.  

Beyer returned to Glisson and gave him a chance to fess up.  

“He said, ‘Well, I do have some medical marijuana,’” Beyer said.

Glisson pulled out his California-issued medicinal marijuana card and flashed it to Beyer, who told him the card was meaningless in Ohio.

Beyer then turned his attention to the van.

Inside he found 123 bags of marijuana stuffed in seven boxes. All told, the mound of marijuana weighed about 186 pounds.

“He had a little more than what would be considered personal use,” Beyer said.

During the ensuing arrest, Beyer also found $1,275 in Glisson’s pockets.

“A traffic stop can be for anything, but once you start talking to them is where you get an idea of what’s going on,” Beyer said. “This guy’s story just didn’t make any sense.”

Late Tuesday, Glisson was still in the Erie County jail without bond.

His pile of marijuana, worth about $744,000 on the street, was being held by troopers.

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