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GOP's Ryan visits Ohio; first lady also in state

Associated Press • Oct 15, 2012 at 6:12 PM

Ryan spoke to about 500 supporters at a Cincinnati airport on a chilly, breezy afternoon before serving them barbecue and asking, "Would you like pork?" as reporters elbowed each other to get images of the exchanges.

Ryan's airport rally means that the Republican ticket has been in swing state six of the last eight days, after he and Mitt Romney campaigned in different Ohio cities Saturday.

"Ohioans, you know you have a big say-so. You know you're the battleground state of battleground states," Ryan told the crowd. "That means you have within your control, your ability, to go find those people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, who just aren't as impressed these days, who heard the hope and the change ... but see this is nothing but a failed agenda of broken promises."

He said "the window of opportunity to fix this mess is beginning to close on us," and urged supporters to vote early so they can focus on getting other people to the polls on Nov. 6.

"Thank you for what you are about to do, because right here in the Buckeye State you can make the difference that can shape this election," he said.

Lisa Woods, of Cincinnati, wore red suede boots and a leather American flag jacket to Ryan's rally. She said she thinks he and Romney will be better for small business-owners like herself.

"I am taxed like crazy," said the 48-year-old married mother of an 8-year-old. "Between gas and groceries, I'm spending $6,000 more since 2008. I'm the first one who's willing to pay my fair share, but I'm also tired of sharing with everyone else who doesn't think there's a work ethic in this country."

Ryan visited Ohio following a stop in Wisconsin and left the state soon after lunch to head for New York.

First lady Michelle Obama also will be in the state Monday as the race for November gets into its final weeks.

President Obama returns to the state Wednesday with an appearance at Ohio University in Athens, while former President Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen will campaign Thursday for Obama in Parma.

The Obama campaign also is running a new state TV ad featuring space hero and former Ohio Sen. John Glenn, who did a radio spot for Obama last month.

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