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Perkins police investigate second robbery in 24 hours

Emil Whitis • Oct 13, 2012 at 4:48 PM

Two drunken men attacked and robbed a convenience store clerk late Thursday in a Pioneer Trail parking lot.

The clerk, 60, told police she took some trash out to a dumpster at at about 9 p.m. When she turned around she noticed two men in the parking lot.

The clerk said “Hi” and hurried toward the store.

But before she got back inside one of the men snatched her from behind. The other man latched onto her from the front.    

They told her to give up the money.

When she refused one punched her in the stomach and choked her, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

“She pleaded with them to stop,” Klamar said.

One man finally reached into her pockets and grabbed out about $300. They stripped her of a black leather coat then fled north into Sandusky — one on a black bicycle with a pink stripe and the other on foot.

The clerk told police her attackers were two tall black males in their 30s who reeked of alcohol. Neither was armed.

Police dog Uganda was called out but failed to pick up a scent trail.

“It’s not surprising,” Klamar said. “There’s a lot of foot traffic in that area.”

The robbery marked the second of its type in the area in under 24 hours.

Two men robbed a Green Springs woman at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on E. Adams Street.

The woman, 35, told Sandusky police that she was walking to her car when two men approached her at gunpoint and demanded her purse.

When she handed it over they ran south on Franklin Street.

The woman could only describe her attackers as two black men wearing dark clothing.

Police set up a perimeter and called in a police dog but had no luck.

Inside the woman’s purse brown leather purse were several credit cards, $20 and four pairs of scissors.

Anyone with information on either robbery can call either Sandusky police at 419-627-5877 or Perkins police at 419-627-0824.

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