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New home needed for abused dog

Tom Jackson • Oct 11, 2012 at 9:06 AM

Star, the German shepherd injured by a rope embedded in her neck, needs a new home.

She has one now, but she can’t stay.

Karlan Daniel, a local woman who has a shop in Huron, took Star in after she was adopted out the first time.

Daniel discovered two things.

One: Star is a wonderful dog.

Two: Star doesn’t get along with cats, and she can’t be easily trained to tolerate cats.

Daniel owns five cats.

“It’s total chaos. She’s knocked screens out,” Daniel said. “She has knocked down plantation shutters. I have had two different trainers in with her. I tried to work and work with it. I can’t do it anymore.”

Other than the cat problem, Daniel has nothing but praise for Star.

“She’s a marvelous dog,” she said.

Star was recently found running around with a rope embedded in her neck. The rope had to be surgically removed by local veterinarian Dr. Marianne Socha.

Authorities allege Sandusky resident James Ryerson, 57, put a rope around the dog’s neck and ignored the situation, even after the dog continued to grow and the rope continued to cut into her neck.

Ryerson has been charged with animal cruelty. An Oct. 24 court date has been set in Sandusky Municipal Court, Erie County dog warden Barb Knapp said.

Knapp said she’s confident Star will find a new home, as several people have expressed interest in her. The dog warden had a list of people who called about adopting Star following the dog's initial surgery. Any new callers who come forward will be added to a pool of potential new guardians.

Meanwhile, Star is in good health.

“I was just looking at her neck,” Daniel said. “It’s hard to see even where the stitches were. Dr. Marianne did a wonderful, wonderful job.”

The dog warden’s office number is 419-627-7607.

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