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Southern Comfort Mobile Pet Salon & Photography pampers pets at your place

Melissa Topey • Sep 28, 2012 at 3:49 PM

“People have no idea what we are when they see us,” said Terry Graham, who along with his wife, Bee, operates Southern Comfort Mobile Pet Salon & Photography. “A truck driver walked over and asked if he could have a free sample.”

What the Grahams do offer is pet grooming on the go. The business is operated out of a trailer.

Bee and Terry drive to the customer, pulling up to their home, condo or business. Fido has just a short walk to the trailer where he is washed, clipped, dried and styled.

“This is less stress on them,” Bee Graham said of her four-legged customers. “They are never away from home.”

Bee has been grooming animals for 30 years and continues to run Amber-Wey grooming from a building on her property.

The mobile salon is fully equipped with locking aluminum chests that make the inside of the tailer look like a high-tech auto body shop.

There are two 100-gallon water systems for the wash sink, a grooming table, clippers, scissors, combs and even bows and bandanas to complete a pooch’s look.

The groomers offer more than just a makeover.

Warm water can soothe an old dog’s joints and medicated shampoo can help treat skin problems.

The Grahams have vacuum cleaners and disinfectants to make sure the trailer is clean and sterile for the clientele.

And as for the name?

“In the South, like Orlando, mobile pet grooming is very popular and we are bringing comfort, hence the name,” Terry Graham said.

If owners want to stay while their dog is being groomed, the trailer also offers music and a television to keep them entertained.

Once pets are looking their best, owners can also order a photo session. Bee offers a pet portraits, complete with frame and matting.

NAME: Southern Comfort Mobile Pet Salon & Photography

OWNERS: Bee and Terry Graham

Hours: By Appointment (dogs under 50 pounds only)

Contact: Call 419-433-2522 or e-mail them at scpetssalon@gmail.com

Website: Coming soon

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