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Sandusky police get station updates with memorial donation

Andy Ouriel • Sep 18, 2012 at 1:16 PM

At times, Sanduksy police officers and commanders felt handcuffed performing daily duties inside the outdated Meigs Street police station.

There have been times when officers had to wait for colleagues to finish writing incident reports on one of four computers inside a cramped report room.

When a workstation opened, taller officers had to duck and weave to avoid bumping their heads on large, outdated TVs hanging from the ceiling.

Other problems inside the station ranged from employees feeling unsafe with faulty security measures to the appalling and outdated color scheme on the walls.

But thanks to Cedar Point, some shortcomings have been addressed.

John Hildebrandt, Cedar Point’s vice president and general manager, sent a letter to city officials in March informing them of a $50,000 gift to the police department.

“Cedar Point is making this donation in honor of (slain Sandusky police) Officer Andrew Dunn, who died in the line of duty,” Hildebrandt wrote.

Dunn previously worked as a Cedar Point police officer before joining Sandusky’s force in May 2008.

Recently, workers began installing the more aesthetically pleasing features, such as bulletproof glass to separate the records room from the main entrance where the public enters and congregates with public workers.

“It won’t stop a .50-caliber (gun), but it will stop everything else,” Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said, pointing to the new protective, see-through barrier. “It also helps with morale.”

Cedar Point’s $50,000 donation was used to:

• Install bulletproof glass to separate the lobby and records room from the main entrance.

• Purchase eight Dell computers primarily for officers to use for filing incident reports, replacing four old terminals.

• Buy and install three flat-screen TVs to monitor areas in and around the police station. One TV tracks and pinpoints the whereabouts of all Sandusky police cruisers roaming throughout the city.

• Upgrade countertops and other equipment in the report room.

• Paint throughout several hallways and a new coat inside the classroom

• Install new carpet inside the classroom.

• Installation of a SMART Board in the classroom to watch training videos, for instance.

There’s also enough money leftover to revamp the records room, including installing new carpet and removing antiquated filing cabinets. Other short-term projects soon coming to the department include improvements to the garage and exercise room.

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