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Recap of Cedar Point's GateKeeper announcement

Melissa Topey • Aug 14, 2012 at 9:27 PM

Haven't gotten enough GateKeeper yet? Here's our recap on the big announcement of the new roller coaster Monday at Cedar Point.

Cedar Point officials unveiled details of the planned $25 million to $30 million winged coaster scheduled for 2013.

“This is historic,” said John Hildebrandt, Cedar Point’s vice president and general manager.

Fulfilling a promise to make a “front-gate statement” at the amusement park, the massive coaster will drastically and forever alter the first glimpse visitors get of Cedar Point.

The long, sleek coaster will effectively dominate the front entrance, immediately setting the tone at the roller-coaster capital of the world.

Guests walking up to the front entrance will see the GateKeeper whip by on the tracks above, mostly quiet except for the screams of riders.

While GateKeeper isn’t the first winged coaster ever built — there are four throughout the world — it’s still designed as a one-of-a-kind, record-breaking coaster in its category.  

GateKeeper’s 2-minute, 40-second ride will take daredevils on speeds of 67 mph and heights of more than 170 feet, or a whopping  17 stories.

GateKeeper stats

• Length: 4,164 feet (world record)

• Height: 170 feet

• Drop: 164 feet (world record)

• Top speed: 67 mph (possible world record)

• Angle of descent: 360 degrees

• Riders served per hour: 1,710

For even more on the new ride, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register — and, check out an in-depth look at how the ride was conceived coming in Thursday's Register.

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