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Aspiring entrepreneurs go to boot camp

Melissa Topey • Jul 29, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Starting a business is a little like preparing for battle. Planning a strategy, financing and then selling it to the people.

That is where a business boot camp comes in.

"I think many find they came up with a great idea but have no idea how to execute it," said Elisabeth Reis-Klar, training and development consultant for the Reis Group. "That is where we come in."

On Tuesday Reis-Klar taught the one-day seminar called "Start Your Business Boot Camp."

The program was sponsored by area incubators, BGSU's Center of Excellence and RISE-- the Regional Incubator for Sustainability and Entrepreneurship. This was in partnership with Lorain County Community College's glide entrepreneur program.

At the program 16 participants of different backgrounds sat around a horseshoe shaped table at Firelands College on Tuesday morning. In this room, these people worked to find three things they had in common. They all had college degrees, they were all concerned about an unstable job market and they all had a desire to open their own business.

Reis-Klar taught the course, walking participants such as Todd Rasey, of Norwalk, and Debbie Lasky, of Elyria, though the confusing maze of shoring up a business idea and the following steps.

Rasey said his thoughts on what business he would like to try his hand at changes every day.

On Tuesday it was reopening the darkened theater in Norwalk with a goal of affordable entertainment.

"I have always thought about running a business but I never had the financial resources, there are a lot of questions," Rasey said. "I thought taking this course might help."

For more on the business boot camp and other business incubators pick up Sunday's Register.

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