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The Mailbag: How about a hotel conference center at the old ConAgra site?

Sarah Weber • Jul 27, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Q: Now that the ConAgra building is gone, what does Huron plan to do with that river-front property? Have they considered a hotel and conference center? — Joe in Huron Twp.

A: Huron officials actually have a master plan for the city, including the former ConAgra property, that defines much of the anticipated growth in the area. Among the considerations in the plan is public space, the design of the streets, and yes, retail and commercial opportunities. Right now it seems the steering committee is looking at mixed use development in public and private partnerships. That means combining a good mix of retail, residential and recreational space in that high-profile waterfront area. Exactly what that looks like will depend on what developers envision there — but it certainly could include a hotel and conference center. Given the work already done on the master plan, you can rest assured that the Huron residents and officials involved in the process will closely consider any development proposals that are brought to the table.The master plan is posted below for you to browse. We apologize for the inconvenience of its upside-down pages — that's how we received the document.

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