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$11 million in taxes owed to Erie County

Andy Ouriel • Jun 11, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Almost 2,300 area properties are tax delinquent, translating to nearly $11 million missing from the county's coffers, according to a Register analysis of financial data obtained through a public records request.

County officials define a delinquent tax as anyone failing to pay fees deriving from residential or commercial taxes. This includes property taxes, sewer or water bills, demolition costs and when government officials are forced to mow overgrown lawns.

A breakdown of the roughly $11 million owed shows:

* $10.6 million owed in delinquent taxes, defined as when people neglect to pay a government-imposed fee;

* $420,000 in late or penalty fees assessed.

Read more about who owes taxes, who is hurt by the delinquency and how the county is trying to collect in today's Register or e-paper.

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