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Ard fires 2 cops; looks for new handler for 'Justice'

Anonymous • May 1, 2012 at 12:24 PM

The following is a statement from Nicole Ard regarding her recent decision to dismiss two Sandusky police officers.

RE recent police personnel matter (Smith & Ritterbach)

"This was an unfortunate situation. I wish both gentlemen well in their future endeavors. The FOP Union representative has indicated that both former employees will be pursing arbitration of their April 27, 2012 dismissal. Out of respect to both men and their families, and the potential arbitration, additional comment regarding their employment or dismissal would not be appropriate. 

"The City and Police Department are moving forward.  Justice, our crime-fighting canine officer, will continue to be housed with a trainer. Originally purchased via grants and supported by community donations, Justice will be receiving on-going training to keep his skills sharp. Since Justice is extremely mission-oriented in finding drugs and criminals, and is not as friendly as other dogs, Justice cannot be adopted or "fostered" by a non-trained person.

"Existing staff will be evaluated for potential assignment as Justice's partner.  Once selected, the training is rigorous. Justice deserves the best as we use and continue to develop his skills to keep him, our staff, and our community safe. This will be Justice's third human partner. The City must provide Justice with a good partner and good quality of life in return for his service to the City. In the interim, K-9 support will continue to be offered by other agencies." 

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