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On the job: SWAT training is adrenaline rush

Melissa Topey • Apr 16, 2012 at 9:00 AM

On Tuesday evening I was a member of the Ottawa County Special Response Team, a group of 14 men along with dogs from Port Clinton and the Ottawa County Sheriff's office.

They train monthly, and this time we were at the Erie Industrial Park in Port Clinton in a former firehouse -- a maze whose many doors, hallways and rooms made it a nightmare to search for an armed suspect.

The team helped me into the tactical gear -- 30 pounds if not more. Everything was tight enough to feel constricting, but did not limit movement. They handed me a blue plastic .9 mm simulator gun that shoots special cartridges of dyed detergent.

I was told we had two armed bad guys inside who had just committed a violent crime and ran from police, starting a pursuit before hiding in the building.

Read how Melissa Topey helped apprehend two "bad guys" in Monday's Register or epaper.

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