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Federal judge grants jury trial in Bryan Jones wrongful death suit

Melissa Topey • May 12, 2013 at 5:43 AM

In a huge leap forward for the family of Bryan Jones, a federal judge has agreed to let a jury weigh in on the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Jones family.

Sandusky County Sheriff's deputies fatally shot Bryan on July 11, 2010, inside the family's home. They were called to the home by Bryan's parents after he threatened to shoot his mother.

Bryan was passed out or sleeping on the couch and was alone inside the home when deputies entered quietly. He had a shotgun in his lap. Deputies tossed a flash-bang grenade on the floor to disorient him, but Bryan abruptly woke up and raised his gun toward deputies, according to court documents.

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Deputies Mario Calvillo and Jose Calvillo, who are brothers, fired nine shots that struck Bryan in the head, chest and arm.

The Jones family has maintained that the sheriff's office made no attempt to exhaust other options before entering the home and shooting Bryan.

A jury will ultimately decide if deputies were in the wrong that night.

For the full story, pick up Wednesday's Register.

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