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Sandusky County jailers fired for engaging in sexual misconduct

Sandusky Register Staff • May 12, 2013 at 5:19 AM

Two correctional officers accused of sexually exploiting a mentally ill female inmate were fired Tuesday from the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office.

A third correctional officer involved in the incident resigned, Sheriff Kyle Overmyer said.

The departures follow disciplinary hearing results released Tuesday that indicate supervisor Franklin Kaiser and corrections officer Charlie Pump engaged in sexual misconduct and failed to follow proper procedure for a mentally ill inmate.

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Kaiser, Pump, and Josh Smith were placed on paid administrative leave Jan. 11 after another supervisor reported the incident to the sheriff.

The three men were working the afternoon shift Jan. 10 when a female inmate began acting out. She was placed in a cell by herself on suicide watch after she threatened to kill herself, according to investigative documents.

While in her cell the 21-year-old woman tried to flush her paper gown down the toilet, flooding her cell. She was then left naked for the next six hours with only a toilet water soaked blanket to cover herself.

Kaiser, Pump and Smith were accused of various workplace violations, including encouraging the schizophrenic woman to masturbate and otherwise act out sexually throughout the six hours.

Kaiser also denied a female deputy's request to provide the naked inmate with a new gown. It wasn't until just before a night shift supervisor arrived that the woman was given a gown to cover herself.

Overmyer fired Kaiser and Pump on Tuesday afternoon.

Smith, who was a probationary employee not entitled to a fact-finding hearing, resigned.

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