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"Bubba" seeks revenge on new "Cuffed" tabloid

Emil Whitis • Feb 17, 2012 at 10:38 AM

The editors of the new “Cuffed” tabloid called police when a convicted sex-offender who goes by the alias "Bubba" came looking for them, police said.

A Huron police report said the most recent issue of the local crime tabloid featured Roy "Bubba" Lamb II, of Fremont, as a registered sex offender living in Sandusky County.

Lamb, apparently angered by his appearance in the tabloid, started to track down the men responsible, according to police. "Cuffed" does not list the names of its staff.

Lamb is alleged to have repeatedly called the office secretary, then went after advertisers to get the names of the men involved with printing the tabloid.

Fearful of repercussions from Lamb, the editors called police and asked for an extra patrol to pass by their houses each night, a police report said.

In an effort to keep their identities secret the editors even took their website offline and called Fremont police to make a similar report.

The editors names, in spite of their efforts to conceal them, do appear in the incident report taken by Huron police, which is a readily accessible public record.

Huron police agreed to keep an eye out for Lamb. They printed off a picture of him and pasted it on the dispatch center door.

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