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100 gallons of diesel leaks into Castalia duck pond

Emil Whitis • Jan 23, 2012 at 5:56 PM

The Ohio EPA is working to clean up a diesel spill that leaked about 100 gallons of fuel from a semi truck into a storm sewer that drains into the Castalia Duck Pond.

Castalia fire officials say a juvenile attempting to drive past the truck while traveling east on Ohio 101 on Thursday slid into the side of the truck and ruptured the truck's fuel tank. The crash occurred at the eastern limits of the village.

Firefighters noticed the leak in the fuel tank and plugged it up, instructing the truck driver to get the leak fixed. The truck, however, was left alongside Ohio 101 just a short distance from a storm drain.

Sometime over the weekend, the fuel tank began to leak, sending about 100 gallons of diesel trickling down the storm drain and into the duck pond.

The fire department received a call about the leak late Monday morning. Since then, workers have set up oil booms at the pond's drain outlet. Officials believe the wind kept most of the fuel at the north end of the pond.

The fuel will not dilute, so the Ohio EPA has contracted a company to sop up the spilled diesel from the pond.

Fire and emergency management officials said wildlife is not in danger.

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