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The Mailbag: Will there be a turn lane added to Rye Beach Road and Ohio 2?

Alex Aspacher • Jan 15, 2012 at 9:46 PM

 Q: Are there any plans to add a left turn signal on northbound Rye Beach Road, getting on westbound Ohio 2 in Huron? Rye Beach Road has two northbound lanes, one of which could be turned into a left-turn lane. It seems the only the costs would be installing signals and programming the cycle of the lights. Anyone who has tried to turn left across this intersection between noon and 6:30 pm knows that for the most part, you have to run the light to get on U.S. Route 2. –Chase on Camp Street

A: Thanks for asking Chase. Your plan seems to have some support. I called Steve Didelot, Huron's street foreman, who said someone contacted him with the same concern within the last week. He told me city officials will discuss the issue at a safety meeting scheduled for 5:00 p.m. today. 

Three other items will also be evaluated at the meeting, said clerk of council Christine Gibboney. The left turn lane on Rye Beach Road will be introduced and discussed, but it is not officially on the agenda. Gibboney said officials at the meeting will probably order further investigation before deciding whether to modify the intersection. Anyone who would like to discuss or support the safety issue or others may attend the meeting at City Hall.

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