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The Mailbag: Where is the Paper District Marina contract at?

Jessica Cuffman • Jan 15, 2012 at 10:46 PM

Q: I understand there is a "punch list" that needs to be addressed with the Hoty Group regarding the Paper District Marina and the Northwest Chesapeake Public Plaza before the City will pay Hoty the remaining dollars due. Can you work your magic to get an answer on this issue?— Tim on U.S. 250

A: Thanks for the question Tim. Acting city manager Don Icsman said there is going to be a “punch list.” But when large construction projects are completed, sometimes it takes awhile, he said. The city was able to take over operations of the Paper District Marina when it was “substantially completed,” Icsman said, meaning there was enough construction finished that the marina could start operating, but it was understood there was still a list of things to finish. The city is retaining $125,000 until the work is completed, but as parts of the “punch list” are completed, the city will make partial payments. Icsman sent an email to the Sandusky commissisioners updating them on just that question earlier this month: “A walk through occurred with Hoty Builders, John Hancock and George Poulos during which they delineated the items that need to be completed. Hoty Builders is currently working on those items.”

“George and John indicated that Hoty Builders will be forwarding to them a written itemization of the outstanding issues. George and John will review and edit, add and/or delete and this will form the basis for the final punch list.”

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