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The Mailbag: What happens if no one runs for an elected office?

Andy Ouriel • Jan 15, 2012 at 10:47 PM

Q: I recently reviewed all of the candidates running for a local office for the November elections and noticed no person is listed for the fiscal officer position in Vermilion Township. What happens if no one decides to run?  — Bob from Vermilion

A: Both Vermilion Township trustees and the Erie County Board of Elections officials weren't 100 percent sure of what will happen, but here is what they had to offer.

Elections director Deborah McDowell said any candidate vying for any office can still become a write-in candidate up to Aug. 29. To become a write-in candidate, contact the Erie County Board of Elections at 419-627-7601.

If no one decides to run for office, township trustees will most likely appoint a person to the fiscal officer's seat, said trustee chairman Chris Decker. The fiscal officer's seat expired on March 31.

We're not sure why incumbent Joanne Kensik isn't running. She served in the position since 1998. She didn't return two phone messages Friday seeking comment.

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