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The Mailbag: Is Firelands Regional Medical Center a non-profit?

Sarah Weber • Jan 15, 2012 at 10:36 PM

Q:  I'm confused. I have read that Firelands has donated money for the Perkin's High School football stadium. In the letters to the editor, one writer is upset because FRMC is a non-profit agency. Another writer states FRMC is for profit. Even the employees I talk to don't know. Which is it? — Mark in Castalia

A: Hello Mark. There does seem to be a lot of confusion on this issue — and I'm afraid I won't be able to help clear things up very much. Firelands Regional Medical Center is listed as a corporation for non-profit, according to the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, and it does file an IRS 990 form (which is required for federally tax-exempt organizations). But, I'm told by Connie Lamb, VP of Marketing and Public Relations at Firelands Regional Medical Center, that the answer is not so simple. Here is how she responded to our inquiry:

"We appreciate the questions that are being raised about Firelands Regional Medical Center’s recent sponsorship donation to the Perkins High School Stadium project and the community’s interest in our support and involvement.  Mixed within those questions are incorrect statements which seem to be adding to some of the confusion.  Providing a simplistic answer regarding how nonprofits can donate to other nonprofits and what Firelands ’ intentions are with the recent donation deserve complete explanations.  Recognizing this, Chuck Stark, President & CEO of Firelands has put together information to address questions being raised and the Medical Center is working with the editorial staff of the Register to determine the best method to deliver this information to its readers."

The explanation, it seems, is quite lengthy, so FRMC is working with the Register's editorial staff to perhaps have it published as a guest editorial. The editors of that page will have the final say on if and when that will happen. I guess the best answer I can give you is to stay tuned.

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