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Huron school app keeps parents posted

Annie Zelm • Jan 10, 2012 at 5:00 AM

When Keith Lobsinger wants to know how his son is doing in school, he doesn’t wait to see the report card. He just pulls out his phone.

With a few taps, the father of three can also check to see if his kids have any upcoming tests — especially if they forget to tell him — and make sure they have enough lunch money in their accounts.

“You can get to all those things within seconds,” said Lobsinger, who is also the school resource officer.

With a new app for the iPhone, iPads or iPod Touch, Huron Schools is connecting with parents and studentsmore directly than ever before.

T.J. Houston, the school’s director of technology, worked with fellow developer Ryan Worcester to design and launch the app, available for free through the Apple app store.

Until now, the website had been its primary way to reach parents and students.

“We were fielding a lot of calls from parents trying to find things on our website,” Houston said. “We found that more students were getting mobile devices, and more parents as well, and what we found is that we could reach our community, our parents, our stuff, much easier with something like an iPhone app. We’re building roads for communication — we want to make sure everybody stays informed.”

For more information on the new Huron schools app, read Tuesday's Register.

To download the app to an iPhone or iPad, visit huronhs.com and click on “Available on the App Store.”

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