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Thieves hit eight vehicles, steal Christmas gifts

Emil Whitis • Dec 15, 2011 at 5:09 PM

Thieves broke into eight vehicles Tuesday morning in the area of Miller and Homegardner roads. Among the victims: a family that left Christmas presents in a vehicle.

Dawn Gast said she bought presents for her four grandchildren and left them in her SUV, intending to pull the gifts out after the children went to sleep. When her husband checked the vehicle early Tuesday morning, it had been picked clean.

"We've got to start over from square one," Gast said. "All because these lowlifes don't want to get jobs."

The break-ins happened within a 4-mile stretch of road in Perkins and Margaretta townships, Erie County Sheriff's deputies said. Among the items stolen were jackets, sunglasses and a $3,000 portable defibrillator.

To read more from the Gast family, pick up Thursday's Register.

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