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Federal magistrate: $20M wrongful death lawsuit should be dismissed

Jessica Cuffman • May 12, 2013 at 5:52 AM

U.S. District Court magistrate James Knepp has recommended that a federal judge dismiss a $20 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Bryan Jones, who Sandusky County deputies shot and killed last year.

Jones' parents are suing the county and certain sheriff's deputies for violating his civil rights by entering the family's home on July 11, 2010, and shooting Jones nine times, killing him and blowing off his arm with high-powered ammunition.

Jones parents had called police for help that night after Jones threatened his mother. Dennis Murray Sr., the family's attorney, has said sheriff's deputies had plenty of other options beyond storming the home.

In deciding that deputies were within their rights to kill Jones, Knepp looked at deputies' actions once they entered the home. He did not take into consideration the administrative and tactical decisions made leading up to the moment they entered the house.

Knepp's report is a recommendation. A federal judge will ultimately decide what happens to the case.

It could be presented to a jury, which would then decide on a monetary award for the family, or it could simply be dismissed.

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Also, read the magistrate's recommendation below, as well as the original complaint filed in the case and the follow-up filings by attorneys from both sides.

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