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School levy results

CWelch • Nov 8, 2011 at 11:07 PM

(UPDATED 9:22 p.m.) Five local school districts asked voters for money today, and voters appear to be favoring the levies.

Here’s the vote tally:

Vermilion Schools seek a $33 million bond issue to fund renovations of the high school and middle school and build a new elementary school addition. Votes 130 for; 329 against.

Monroeville Schools seek a 3.3-mill, 10-year renewal for emergency requirements. Votes 728 for; 542 against.

Clyde-Green Springs Schools seek a 4.9-mill, three-year additional levy for operating costs. Still waiting for results.

Norwalk Schools seek a 3-mill renewal levy for renovations. Votes 2,905 for; 1,704 against.

Plymouth-Shiloh Schools seek a 4.6-mill renewal levy to avoid deficit and pay operating expenses. Votes 111 for; 62 against.

(NOTE: Only some of the precincts for various counties. Check back often for more results as we get the votes in.)

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