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Investigation: No merit to accusations against Dunn, other officers

Jessica Cuffman • Jul 19, 2011 at 8:00 AM

Sandusky police say they found no merit to complaints that off-duty officers harassed family members of accused cop killer Kevin Randleman.

Three months ago, Denishea George, 33, sent Sandusky police a written complaint, accusing several off-duty officers of using a racial slur and telling her to shut up.

George said she was outside her mother's home in the 800 block of Wayne Street when the officers allegedly yelled at her.

The officers had been visiting the home of Sandusky police Officer Matt Dunn, who lives nearby, according to George's complaint.

George and her mother are related to Kevin Randleman, who is accused of shooting and killing Officer Andrew Dunn, Matt's son.

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