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Mom: Huron teen jumped by group of 15

Emil Whitis • Jul 15, 2011 at 9:00 AM

About 15 teens or young men brutally beat a 17-year-old boy Friday at Huron River Fest, according to police and the victim's mother.

Even after beating Nathaniel Enderly unconscious, the assailants didn't stop until a woman called police.

Immediately after the attack — at about 10:30 p.m. — a retired U.S. Marine found Enderly lying face-down on the pavement in the 200 block of Williams St., a police report said.

Enderly had stopped breathing, so the Marine performed a "chest manipulation" on his lungs to start him breathing again, said Melissa Baker, Enderly's mother.

Huron police and firefighters arrived at the scene and stabilized Enderly before taking him to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Doctors used five stitches to seal a wound on Enderly's chin, and six stitches for a cut on his nose. He was also treated for a concussion, Baker said.

"He's getting better, but he's still kind of out of it," Baker said. "Doctors told us it's pretty normal for someone who's recovering from a concussion."

The fight was likely the boiling point in a long-running feud between two groups of teenage boys — one group from Sandusky, the other from Huron, Baker said.

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