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Margaretta: Charter schools will help at-risk students

Alissa Widman Neese • Mar 25, 2013 at 6:08 PM

The Margaretta Board of Education approved establishing an independent charter school at an emergency meeting Thursday.

The school, Townsend North Community School, will be located in vacant rooms of the old Townsend Elementary building near Vickery.

If a minimum 25 students sign up to enroll, the school will open in August.

It will offer a nontraditional curriculum to students anywhere in Ohio who might need extra help, superintendent Ed Kurt said. The board also approved Thursday a resolution to sponsor a second charter school near Columbus called Townsend South Community School.

That resolution is not official, however, because Margaretta’s attorney is still interpreting language in Gov. John Kasich’s budget to see if a school at that location is a possibility.

“For students who might be a grade behind or in jeopardy of not graduating, a more hands-on curriculum might be what it takes to get them back on track,” Kurt said.

See what else Kurt had to say by watching the video above, and check out Friday's Register for the full story.

Want to enroll in Townsend Academy?

For more information, contact the Margaretta Board of Education at 419-684-5322.

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