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Norwalk warrant sweep nets 31 surrenders

Annie Zelm • May 12, 2011 at 9:01 AM

Of the 31 people who turned themselves over to Norwalk police last week, most avoided jail time.

The department asked offenders with outstanding warrants to step forward last Friday and Saturday during Operation Safe Surrender, a first-of-its-kind effort for the city.

Most who showed up had warrants for misdemeanors such as contempt of court, a charge that could include anything from failure to appear to failure to pay fines or show proof of counseling.

Those who paid outstanding fines or set up a payment plan avoided jail, unless they had other offenses requiring jail time.

"We're happy with the success we had," Norwalk police Officer Seth Fry said.

Fry organized the event with the help of police Chief Dave Light, municipal court Judge John Ridge and other city officials.

"It was a great opportunity for people who had warrants to be able to clear their name," Fry said.

Municipal court clerk Pam Boss said people with outstanding warrants have continued to call after the warrant sweep because they saw their names published in various media outlets.

As a result, an additional 110 warrants were handled in the days following Operation Safe Surrender.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Norwalk Municipal Court still had 8,439 outstanding warrants for people in Huron County -- including more than 2,000 issued by Norwalk police.

Warrant sweep

Thirty-one people turned themselves over to police during Operation Safe Surrender, including a juvenile not listed here.

• Stephanie L. Horsley, contempt; released after hearing.

• Robert J. Stewart, contempt; taken to Huron County jail.

• Rachel D. Jones, contempt; released.

• Cameron R. Puckett, 21, contempt; released.

• Tamara S. Moffett, 44, contempt; released.

• Brandon L. Parrott, 20, contempt; released.

• Carl M. Black III, 40, contempt; released.

• Daniel V. Warren, 47, contempt; released.

• Kyle E. Smetzer Jr., 25, contempt; released.

• Dominique M. Chandler, 18, contempt; released.

• Cyrus A. Tucker, 41, contempt; released.

• Joel H. Christiansen III, 42, contempt; released.

• Jeremy W. Schaffer, 29, contempt; released.

• Derek R. Duffield, 35, contempt; released.

• William E. Miller, 47, contempt; released.

• Daniel W. Yoder, 41, contempt; released.

• Larry A. Case, 43, contempt; released.

• Ryan S. Goggleye, 31, contempt; released.

• Anna R. Boyd, 56, contempt; released.

• Lisa R. Dupont, 46, failing to file city income taxes; released.

• John D. Hunt, 27, failing to follow directives of the court; released.

• Vernon W. Felty, 34, contempt; released and granted additional time to complete required counseling.

• Melissa A. Timple, 27, contempt; released.

• Kendra L. Litten, 44, obstructing official business; judge pushed back her jail sentence date and allowed her to set up fine payment.

• Mark A. White, 54, failure to pay city taxes in 2004, 2005 and 2006; judge adjusted his jail sentence date and allowed him to set up fine payment.

• David A. Bowman, 43, contempt; released and granted additional time to pay fine.

• Amanda Morales, 27, failure to report to jail on two convictions; judge allowed her to set up payment agreement and adjusted jail sentence date.

• Keri J. Hale, 25, warrant for failure to report to jail; judge allowed her to set up payment agreement and adjusted jail sentence date.

• James M. McCoy, 65, warrants for failure to report to jail on five separate convictions; judge allowed him to set up payment agreement and adjusted jail sentence date.

• Stephan K. White, 33, contempt for failing to report to jail; entered into payment agreement and jail sentence date adjusted.

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