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Sandusky students affected by shooting

Susan McMillan • Mar 22, 2011 at 5:42 PM

(UPDATED AT 5:44 P.M.) Saturday’s fatal shooting of Sandusky police Officer Andy Dunn has been on the lips of everyone in the city, and students have been no exception.

Sandusky Schools lowered its flags to half-mast and will likely schedule an event to honor Dunn at a later date, superintendent Tom Tucker said.

“We just want to keep things as normal as possible,” Tucker said.

Focusing on academics, Tucker said, may help avoid sensitive situations that arise —  particularly in this case.

Dunn and accused shooter Kevin D. Randleman both have deep roots in the community and the school district.

Dunn graduated from Sandusky High in 1999. Randleman also went to school there, though he didn’t graduate. And relatives of both men are enrolled in Sandusky Schools.

Some students at Adams Junior High, who know Randleman, were upset on Monday, Principal Sheldon Smith said.

“Apparently the gentleman has a number of relatives in the building,” he said. “So we asked the teachers to be sensitive.”

Smith mentioned the shooting during morning announcements and asked the students to observe a moment of silence.

Some students argued about their personal connections to the incident.

“A whole bunch of kids were talking about it, saying ‘Why are people talking about my cousin?’ Because Kevin is a lot of people’s cousin,” seventh-grader Paige Clark said. “Officer Dunn was my friend Pearl’s cousin, and everyone was arguing about it.”

Eighth-grader Alivia Dietz also mentioned a girl crying because Randleman is her cousin.

See Tuesday's Register to read more of this story, as well as reactions from police, Dunn's history as a police officer, details on funeral arrangements, how to help the Dunn family, and more.

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