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Bellevue residents to vote on income tax hike

Annie Zelm • Jan 28, 2011 at 10:29 AM

Bellevue officials say they've cut expenses as much as possible, and now they're turning to taxpayers to help boost revenue.

City council on Monday unanimously agreed to place an additional 0.25 percent earned income tax on the May ballot, for a total tax of 1.75 percent.

Bellevue auditor Steve Smith said the tax increase would generate at least $500,000 for the city.

If voters approve the proposal, it will be imposed for five years beginning in 2012.

If they reject it, the current 1.5 percent income tax will remain in place.

Residents in Sandusky and Huron county, as well as a few in Erie County, will be asked to vote on the issue.

Read the full story in Thursday's Register.

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