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It's Nuesse v. Kline (again)

Sarah Weber • Dec 31, 2010 at 7:07 AM

Kim Nuesse and Matt Kline battled in city hall during their tenure in Sandusky.

Now the former city commissioner and the ex-city manager are vying against each other for a job outside of Dayton.

Both are among 16 finalists for the township administrator position in Beavercreek Township.

Nuesse declined comment on the competition; Kline could not be reached.

The battles in Beavercreek could prove equal or greater for both of them than the war in Sandusky was. The Dayton Daily News reported the three Beavercreek trustees have yet to agree whether the position should be part-time or full-time, or whether it's needed at all.

Trustee Bob Stone said trustees are working out the details.

"There are three unique individuals as trustees with slight differences of opinion — and that's a good thing," Stone said. "Speaking for myself only, (I'd like) somebody who has people skills. Somebody who works well with people and the staff."

The township has not had an administrator. The trustees hope to bring in someone who can act as a conduit among the different department heads, Stone said.

The 16 finalists will be interviewed by a local group of leaders — including the township fiscal officer, schools superintendent and the chamber of commerce director — starting Jan. 25.

Each candidate will then meet with the three township trustees, Stone said.

After considering recommendations from the community leaders, the trustees will narrow the group to three or four candidates. At that time, Stone said, there will be a two-week period for background checks.

The trustees are still discussing whether the position should be full-time or part-time, how much it should pay and what responsibilities to give the new administrator. Twenty-seven people applied for the job.

Beavercreek Township has just less than 50,000 residents. The township runs a large fire department that also serves the city of Beavercreek. The city of Beavercreek operates the police department for both political subdivisions.

Stone said he hopes trustees agree on a candidate by mid-February.

Nuesse announced her resignation from the Sandusky city commission in a surprise move earlier this week. Her lack of full-time employment locally forced the decision, she said, and both she and her husband are pursuing several job opportunities outside the county.

Nuesse was the top votegetter in the city commission race in November 2009 while still fighting her controversial June 2008 firing as the Sandusky police chief, a job she had since August 2006. Her case against the city is ongoing.

Matt Kline, who fired Nuesse, served as city manger from November 2007 to November 2009. The city commission voted unanimously to fire him after he allegedly discussed in a taped phone call ways to give $100,000 back to developer John Eymann after the Marina District development project fell through. The city, by contract, was to keep the money.

Kline also allegedly remarked in the call about "having to hire so many crippled black Jewish people."

Kline never disputed the validity of the transcript, according to Don Icsman, Sandusky's law director and interim city manager.

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