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State audit: Huron overspent

Sandusky Register Staff • Oct 17, 2010 at 2:07 PM

A state audit of Huron's finances found a number of instances where city leaders projected more revenue than the city actually collected.

The three findings in the audit were carryovers from the previous year's audit, which means city employees failed to correct the issues previously and still haven't made corrections.

The audit of the city's 2009 finances – released earlier this month – shows Huron overspent in a few accounts and also over-estimated financial resources in other accounts.

The city's revolving loan fund, health care fund and fire department fringe benefit fund, for instance, had collectively spent – or at least projected expenses – that exceeded actual revenue by $171,254, according to the audit.

The findings are listed in the audit as noncompliance citations, which means the city didn't adhere to auditing practices mandated by state law.

Huron city manager Andy White said the city essentially projected more revenue than it collected.

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