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Huron police: Man abused woman for days

Heather Chapin-Fowler • Sep 29, 2010 at 2:02 AM

A Mansfield man accused of holding a Huron woman against her will for days was charged with multiple felonies. 

James Douglas Fisher Jr., 31, was charged with one count each of domestic violence, aggravated menacing, unlawful restraint and two counts each of theft and felonious assault. 

Police charged Fisher on Sept. 24 for brutalizing  Danielle Abrams. He left  town after the incident but was later arrested in Richland County.

“It’s a pretty serious case,” Huron police Chief John Majoy said. “He will not be released at all.”

Fisher and Abrams, a former girlfriend he’d previously hospitalized, moved in together at her Center Street home last month.

On Sept. 22 Abrams, 25, returned home after work and Fisher started an argument with her, accusing her of seeing another man.

Fisher took Abrams’ cell phone and threw it at her head, just missing her, the report said.

 Abrams tried to walk away, but Fisher threw her into a bathroom door, breaking the door. He then threatened to kill her and threw her on the bathroom floor, beating her repeatedly with a closed fist, the report said. 

Later that evening Fisher nailed a hook into a post, tying an extension cord to the hook.

He initially told Abrams he was going to hang himself, but changed his mind and said he was going to hang her, the report said. 

The altercation simmered for the night as the two fell asleep in separate areas of the home.

The following day, Fisher took Abrams cell phone and forced her to go to work after holding her “prisoner in her own home,” the report said. 

“She advised she didn’t call or contact police at work because she feared for her life,” the report said.

When Abrams returned home, Fisher was waiting with a hammer, butcher knife and screwdriver. He told Abrams he was anticipating a visit from police given the prior night’s events.

“He continued to threaten her and even held what was later identified as a smaller knife near her throat as he had his arm wrapped around her head,” the report said. “A threat was made at that time that she would be dead before the cops could get to her.”

The altercation settled down as the two slept for the night.

Then on Sept. 24, Fisher woke Abrams by pulling her out of bed by her hair, demanding she drive him to his father’s house, the report said. As he pulled her along, three chunks of hair came out of her head, which police later retrieved from a garbage can.  

Fisher then got mad because Abrams wasn’t ready to leave as fast as he preferred. He grabbed her and threw her on a chair in the living room and began to choke her until she blacked out, the report said. 

“When Ms. Abrams came around, it was to Mr. Fisher giving her ‘mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,’” the report said.

After Abrams gained consciousness, Fisher continued to brutalize her, kicking her and telling her not to be “a baby,” the report said.

Abrams’ neighbor then arrived home and heard Abrams call out for help, though Fisher put his hand over her mouth. As the two walked out of the home, the neighbor asked Abrams if she’d like her to call police, the report said. 

Abrams told the neighbor she was afraid to contact anyone. Fisher, meanwhile, screamed obscenities from the car, the report said. 

Fisher told Abrams that if police approached them on their way to Mansfield, he would hold a knife to her throat and force her to keep driving, the report said.

“It was a definite violent situation,” Majoy said. “This was a victim who was afraid for her life.”

Fisher and Abrams made to it to Mansfield, where Richland County officials later arrested him on an outstanding warrant. He was turned over Tuesday to Huron police. His theft charges resulted from stealing Abrams’ prescription medications.

This isn’t Fisher’s first stint in jail. His criminal record dates to 2001, when he was charged with domestic violence. Three years later he was again charged with domestic violence, and then in 2008 he went to prison for a drug-trafficking conviction, according to Huron police.

He remains in jail and is scheduled to appear in Huron Municipal Court on Friday.

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