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Huron Schools hopes bus cameras catch stop-sign scofflaws

Susan McMillan • Sep 19, 2010 at 1:27 AM

Typically, a bus driver's observational skill has been the best way to catch motorists who pass stopped school buses.

Now, however, Huron Schools bus drivers have an extra set of digital eyes backing them up.

The district recently installed external cameras on 14 buses, including the 10 it uses for daily routes.

The cameras have two purposes: identify drivers who pass stopped school buses, and shut down the other drivers' arguments before the cases go to trial.

"They would go into court, and they were like, 'It wasn't me driving,'" said Jim Blodgett, the district's director of transportation. In some cases, a car's driver would argue that a bus wasn't fully stopped when they drove past.

Read more in Sunday's Register or click on the ePaper link above

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