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Border Patrol swarms west side

Anonymous • Aug 29, 2010 at 1:41 AM

About 20 Border Patrol agents converged on the city's west side Friday evening after a vehicle was stopped in the vicinity of McCartney Road and Fremont Avenue off Venice Road. 

"They were canvassing through backyards and it seemed like there were at least a dozen or more (agents)," one McCartney Road resident told the Register. "It was very strange."

Information about the raid was sketchy this morning. The Sandusky Border Patrol office has repeatedly refused to provide any information about any raids or police actions it conducts. It has also refused to detail its mission, its personnel structure and other information.

The Border Patrol also has refused to identify any suspects it arrests, charges it files against residents or suspected illegal immigrants or even provide the Register with the blank forms it uses to process information.

The Register continues to pursue information through the federal Freedom of Information Act, but the response to inquiries has been very slow and has not yet met with success. 

The McCartney Road resident said he saw four or five Border Patrol vehicles in the area and agents talked with some neighbors because everybody was outside. 

"They were searching through the neighborhood and through the corn field," the resident said. "There was a search dog, too." 

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