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Gunshots or not, noises bring officers running

Melissa Topey • Aug 8, 2010 at 1:34 AM

Sounds of suspected gunshots cut through the morning air on Friday near Hancock and Reese streets.

Sandusky police Sgt. Tracey Susana and Officer Michael Schock reported hearing the shots as they stood outside the police station on Meigs Street.

The first of seven Sandusky police cruisers arrived on scene within a minute, finding 15 to 20 people in the street.

The crowd dispersed when officers arrived, while the person who called police said someone shouted the name "Tierace."

Police said Tierace Scott, 21, and another man were among those who tried to elude officers. The pair hid behind a home in the 700 block of Hancock Street, but officers quickly located them.

Scott and the other man told police they knew nothing about the shooting, a police report said.

Officers scoured the area but didn't locate any shell casings or evidence of gunfire. They did, however, find blood in the street, not far from the spot where Scott and Bobbitt had been hiding.

"It appeared as if it had saliva in some and did not appear to have come from a gun shot wound," Officer John Powell wrote in his report.

It appeared there was a fight, but officers couldn't verify shots were fired.

Area hospitals said there was no record of patients admitted for treatment of a gunshot wound on Friday.

Shortly after the incident, Sandusky police arrested Cornelius Ruffin on a bench warrant after they found him walking in the 900 block of Hancock Street.

Officers knocked on doors at homes along Hancock Street Friday morning, but not a single person confirmed hearing a thing, Sandusky police Det. John Orzech said.

Hancock Street has often been ground zero for a rash of shootings and other mayhem in the area since early June.

Among those incidents: The windshield of a Sandusky ambulance was pierced by an unknown projectile on July 2.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation conducted tests on the ambulance window to see if the projectile was fired from a gun.

The test results, released this week, showed no evidence that a bullet damaged the window.

Police are uncertain about who or what caused the damage.

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