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Burglars sunk after trying to sink safe

Sandusky Register Staff • Jul 22, 2010 at 11:07 AM


Sandusky police arrested two men in connection with a robbery Water Street apartment.

Marcus L. Zimmerman, 27, of Fremont, and Christopher M. Lochotzki, 25, of Oak Harbor, were arrested for the break-in two weeks ago at an apartment above Club X.

Police say their pair stole a safe with money and jewelry.

Zimmerman was rolling a marijuana cigarette at his kitchen table in his home when police caught up with him at 7 a.m. Wednesday, Sandusky police Det. Gary Wichman said.

The two dropped the safe from the apartment window to the bed of a waiting pickup truck below, police said. After breaking the safe open they attempted to get rid of it by sinking it in a pond on County Road 182 in Sandusky County.

"They assumed the pond was deeper than it was," Wichman said. "The safe didn't sink."

The property owner saw the safe and called the Sandusky County Sheriff's office. Wichman said Lochotzki planned the crime.

"The plan didn't work out too well," Wichman said.

Police are still working on recovering the jewelry and money. Both men were charged with burglary, tampering with evidence and theft.

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