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LETTER: Don't blame McDonald's

Commentary • Jun 25, 2010 at 5:06 AM

So, society is going after McDonald's because of obese children? I have a better idea. Let's facilitate a class action lawsuit against parents of obese children!

These parents fail to monitor their child's eating habits, provide them pointless guidance and wisdom, and encourage them to find solace in food with cheap marketing gimmicks.

Frankly, this is pathetic. Here are a group of lawyers looking for the glory of suing a corporation which has been providing toys in meals for 30 years, parents who are irresponsible looking to place blame on the corporation for the inappropriate behavior of their children, and the media exposing the stupidity of the entire ordeal. Really, am I missing something?

Parents, be responsible for your children. How about you simply prepare nutritious foods for kids, limit indoor playtime, encourage them to get outside and play, or perhaps go outside and play with them? Enjoy your children -- after all, you brought them into the world and they are your pride and joy -- aren't they?

Stop looking for blame and be a parent!

David Lisa


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