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LETTER: Graduation loudmouths

Commentary • Jun 9, 2010 at 4:30 AM

This is an open letter to the noisy people who attended the SHS graduation ceremony June 6, 2010. At what point did you give yourselves permission to disrespect the principal's request to refrain from applauding and cheering until the ceremony was over?

It clearly stated on the back of the tickets to not do so and the respectful people honored that condition. Do you have any idea how bad you made the others feel who got stone-cold silence when they walked to the podium, not because they didn't have someone to cheer for them but because we respected the request to hold the applause.

I can't speak for the others in attendance, but I think your purposes would be better served with two ceremonies in the future, one for those who can't control themselves and one for those who can.

The principal lost control when he failed to stop the ceremony and make it clear he wanted equal treatment for every one of those students who were in those seats. They deserved at least that much for all their hard work. What did he teach them by not doing so?

Norma Chambers


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